My pull to wolves has been strong since I was a little girl and I loathed being human. I longed to rejoin a lost and forgotten family back in the forest.

Now, a fully grown human woman living and working in the Cotswolds, England, I still to this day cannot shake the same feelings of being disconnected from a home that I’ve never understood. It’s this exploration of a primal longing that I experiment with in my artwork and the combination of human and animal elements in my drawings are a call back to the wild.

The majority of my work is geared towards personal projects like making my own art books, prints, and clothing, however I will occasionally take on commercial clients if the fit is right. I have been honoured to work with Metallica, Wizards of the Coast, and The Anchorage Brewing Company.

I am a volunteer team member of wolf rescue, Wolf Watch UK. Please give them your full support.