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                        COVID-19 SHIPPING DELAYS

For the moment the post office in the UK is open and running, however there are delays with international and domestic shipping. Because of this all international orders will go tracked.

For updates on what countries are experiencing major delays please visit the Royal Mail website

 Usually orders go out every 2-3 working days, however due to safety we are shipping orders out once a week.
Thank you for understanding! 

If you have an enquiry about your order please do get in touch! Include your order number and name on the order in your message.


Order FAQ

1. Do you accept returns or exchanges?

No, however if there is a problem with your order please do get in touch.

2. How long does international shipping take?

This can depend on the country and if customs gets a hold of your order. Standard shipping from the UK to Europe can take up to 1-2 weeks usually, and to the US/Canada it can usually take anywhere from 2-4 weeks standard shipping. Up to 6 weeks during Christmas and if customs inspects your parcel. 

3. Can I pay extra to get priority shipping with a tracking number?
Right now all international orders must go tracked and you have an option to pay for tracking if you are a UK customer. 

4. Do you refund customs charges?
No, I’m afraid not as we have no control on custom charges of your country.

5. The parcel is taking longer than I think it should, what should I do?
Please double check your order confirmation and make sure the address you provided is correct  and if it is, have a chat with your Post Office to see if they have it on hold. If the address is correct and it’s been longer than 4 weeks please do get in touch. 

6. When do you dispatch orders?
Right now we are shipping orders 1-2 times a week and you will get a shipping notification when your order leaves. If your order has gone tracked you will get a tracking number within 2 days of your order being dispatched. On larger stock releases this can take longer but will say clearly in the listing if this is the case. You will be notified when your order has shipped.

7. Are you selling any more artist proof Metallica S&M2 posters?
Nope, they sold out in minutes , sorry! There were only 230 of them and thousands of people wanting them. 

8. Can I send you some posters/MagicThe Gathering cards to you to sign and send back?

No, sorry !! There is way too much risk with sending and receiving things and I just hate doing it!! 



1. Can I use your art as a tattoo?

Sure. However please buy something to help me to continue to create and please respect my work by not selling the design to the studio or using a piece that has been specifically commissioned by a client. As a full time artist every sale is greatly appreciated.

If you or the tattoo artist wants to upload the design to social media please be a lamb and credit me as the original artist! Plus I love seeing them!  Do invest in a tattooist who is well skilled in intricate inking and chat with them on the best placement and minor adjustments to suit the contours of the body. 

If you wish to be extra generous you can give a paypal donation of

any amount to

2. Will you scan in that piece, or make adjustments so I can get it as a tattoo? 
No. Sorry.

3. Do you take free art requests? 

No. Sorry. Occasionally charity work is considered if the schedule is free.

4. What materials do you use?
Pitt pens, ink pens and watercolour paper. Digital art is usually done on the IPad Pro 9.7 using Procreate and the Ipencil.

5. Do you take on commercial work?

Sometimes! Prices do range for commercial work please use the contact form for a quote. Prices vary depending on usage and complexity. Please include your time frame, budget and idea clearly in your message. 
Private commissions are closed unless you are willing to pay commercial prices.

Get in touch

If you are asking about an order you placed on the Metallica website, this isn’t something I can help you with! You’ll need to contact wherever you bought it from!