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Screaming Suicide poster- 72 Seasons anniversary poster series 2024

Wizards of the Coast, Magic! The Gathering 

Vito, Fanatic of Aclazotz 2023

Uchbenbak, the Great Mistake 2023

Wizards of the Coast, Magic! The Gathering

Jeska, thrice reborn - Secret Layer Card 2023

Blackened Whiskey-Metallica 

Ritz-Carlton tasting event poster 2023

Wizards of the Coast, Magic! The Gathering 

Dragonlord Silumgar promo card 2023


2023 Goblins and Wizards UK tour artwork merchandise 

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

5th Edition Core Rulebook illustrations 

Wizards of the Coast, Magic! The Gathering 

March of the Machines - Firjar, Judge of Valor, regular card 2023

ALL WILL BE ONE -Titanic Growth, Thirsting Roots cards 2023

Boom! Studios

Magic the Gathering #22 (Cover B - Secret Planeswalker Variant) 2023


Smashing Pumpkins - 
Philadelphia tour poster 2022

Metallica - Las Vegas show poster 2022


Metallica - 40th Anniversary poster Night 1 and Night 2 San Francisco 2021 

Metallica - Enter Sandman poster 2021 

Pink Floyd -  Official licensed posters with Echo Print Gallery 2021

Metallica- Fifth Member tees 2021

Wizards of the Coast, Magic! The Gathering

Kaldheim showcase cards 2021, Esika’s Chariot (Variant), Aegar, the Freezing Flame (Variant) Kaldring, the Rimestaff (Variant), Jorn, God of Winter (Variant)

Primeval Titan - Secret Lair

Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation  - 
Posters and tees 2020

Metallica- Moth into Flame posters and interview feature, 2020

Metal Hammer- Issue 339 cover 2020

Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation -  Posters and tees for Giving back Tuesday charity event, 2019

Metallica  Posters and merchandise for the S&M2 shows in San Francisco night 1 and night 2                                                                       2019

Anchorage Brewing Company 2017-ongoing  Beer can artwork and merchandise 











Wolf Watch UK 

In Ear Entertainment 

The Cheltenham paint festival