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Metallica - Las Vegas show poster 2022

Metallica - 40th Anniversary poster Night 1 and Night 2 San Francisco 2021 

Metallica - Enter Sandman poster 2021 

Pink Floyd -  Official licensed posters with Echo Print Gallery 2021

Metallica- Fifth Member tees 2021

Wizards of the Coast - Magic the Gathering, Kaldheim showcase cards 2021, Esika’s Chariot (Variant), Aegar, the Freezing Flame (Variant) Kaldring, the Rimestaff (Variant), Jorn, God of Winter (Variant)

Primeval Titan - Secret Lair

More MTG to be announced 

Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation  - 
Posters and tees 2020

Metallica- Moth into Flame posters and interview feature, 2020

Metal Hammer- Issue 339 cover 2020

Metallica and All Within My Hands Foundation -  Posters and tees for Giving back Tuesday charity event, 2019

Metallica  Posters and merchandise for the S&M2 shows in San Francisco night 1 and night 2                                                                       2019

Anchorage Brewing Company 2017-ongoing  Beer can artwork and merchandise 








Wolf Watch UK 

In Ear Entertainment 

The Cheltenham paint festival

Skin Deep Magazine 

Human Nature gallery show

Manchester Tattoo show