Mystery bags
Mystery bags
Mystery bags

Mystery bags

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Mystery bags!

Each parcel has a value of at least £35!! This is a way for me to get rid of old stock. Please read EVERYTHING before purchasing!

What you get will be a total surprise

Stock included in these mystery bags will be,

-Signed A4prints in perfect condition
-Signed A4 prints with slightly bent corners but where the image is not affected

-A4 prints that are not signed but in perfect condition

-A4 prints that have minor imperfections that are not signed 
-A5 prints in perfect condition
-A4 signed prints on different coloured paper to the released prints *this is where I’ve accidentally ordered the wrong paper type
-old Kickstarter signed prints that were not released
-original drawings

What you get in the bag will be a mystery, you cannot demand what you get!
Happy buying!!

Mystery bags